We coach every level of windsurfing!

No matter what level you're at, we've can teach you everything you want to learn. We've worked hard on our coaching program to make sure we cover everything from beginners, right up to experienced windsurfers.


Our advanced coaching starts out by talking about your goals. What do you want to learn?

For some, it's perfecting gybes or learning to gybe for others it's getting more competitive in slalom racing. We've done all this stuff ourselves and we teach it every day.


Everyone windsurfer has some trouble learning how to waterstart and gybes. All of us. That's because we always try to teach ourselves.

Bad habits creep into our stance and board-trimming as well as off-water stuff like rigging and board setup.

Coaching in these areas absolutely transforms your windsurfing.


It's true that Rusheen Bay is the perfect location to learn how to windsurf. It's also the perfect location to progress - waterstarts, gybes, stance and freestyle manoeuvres are so easy to learn in the calm bay.

We're lucky to have Sliver Strand on our doorstep, where we do our wave, jumping and advanced slalom coaching.


Coaching Session:  €75

2 hour 1:1 session with an instructor

Coaching Course:  €325

5 x 2 hour 1:1 sessions with an instructor

Off-Location Coaching:  add €10 per session

Coaching at one of our other locations.


We run windsurfing lessons every Tues/Thurs evening at 6.00 and every Saturday & Sunday at 1.30.  All 1:1 sessions must be booked by contacting

Intermediate and advanced lessons are generally run at those times but we need to take into account the wind and tide conditions, among other factors. Contact us or talk to your instructor for more info.

Advance booking is essential.

Important: For advanced coaching, you'll be using your own equipment. If you don't have your own equipment, we have equipment available to rentCheck out the prices.