We have a huge stock of equipment for rental including:

Starboard Futura, GO, Carve and Flare boards from 100 litres up to 160 litres.

Point-7 Sado, Sweet, Salt and ACX sails from 3.7 up to 7.5.


Equipment is available for rental during all opening hours. We have a few rental options - there's more info on those below. Equipment rental is available to members and non-members alike.

You should read through our Rental Policy and if you want to rent equipment when it's really windy, read out High-Wind Rental Policy too.


1 Hour Session:  BEG €20 int/adv €25

2 Hour Session:  BEG €35 int/adv €40

3 Hour Session:  BEG €50 int/adv €60

Rental prices are for 1 board and 1 sail at a time for the specified duration. You can change board and sail as often as you like within that timeframe.


5 Hour Ticket:  BEG €90 int/adv €110

10 Hour Ticket:  BEG €175 int/adv €225

20 Hour Ticket:  BEG €300 int/adv €400

Rental ticket's are counted in blocks of 1 hour. (1 hour 45 minutes is counted as 1 hour.)

Important:  Before you rent equipment, we need to check your ability level to make sure we give you suitable equipment. Sometimes, we require you to take a refresher lesson before renting.

Windsurfing is a weather dependent sport. We need to assess the conditions on an ongoing basis to make sure they are suitable for you to go on the water. Sometimes, it's just not possible. When windspeed is greater than f5, our high-wind rental policy becomes active.