Rusheen Bay is an ideal spot for open-top kayaking. The bay is big enough to offer lots to see and small enough to paddle around in one session.

A quick tour takes you to the back of Barna demesne and Rusheen bird sanctuary. On an incoming tide, an instructor can give you an exhilarating introduction to the fast moving water at the mouth of the bay.

There's also no better way to enjoy a hot summers day than to get away from the crowded beaches and find your own spot in Rusheen to lie back and soak up the sun.



The bay is a safe, calm and shallow inlet - it's really the perfect place to try kayaking for the first time. Our open-top RTM kayaks are by far the easiest kayaks to learn with, too.

Combine that with our dedicated kayak instructors and you have a safe, fun learning experience for kids, adults and even those who thought their watersports days were over!


On a high tide, you can test your kayaking ability with a long distance paddle right around the perimeter of the bay. It's a fantastic workout and makes for great training, especially for adventure style races where kayak training gives competitors a distinct advantage.

Our kayak tours often go as far as the Salthill prom giving you the chance to see Galway from a totally new perspective. Find out more about tours...