We make learning to windsurf a safe and fun experience.

Windsurfing has been our speciality since we opened in 1995. We carry all the most up-to-date teaching equipment and a full stock of intermediate and advanced rental equipment.

Our instructors are qualified and experienced but most of all, they're exceptionally good at what they do. We get everyone windsurfing in less than 60 minutes. Every time.

Come and learn the best sport in the world!


The Bay

Rusheen Bay is a sheltered, not-too-deep inlet - an ideal place to learn to windsurf.


Because the bay is almost completely enclosed, it's one of the safest and easiest possible places to learn how to windsurf.

The flat water is perfect for progressing and some of Ireland's best slalom sailors and freestylers choosing Rusheen Bay as their home spot for training.


We use the newest and best teaching methods to get you windsurfing as quick as possible.

We do lessons and courses for individuals and groups.

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As an ISA windsurfing school, we run ISA Go! Windsurfing courses, complete with an ISA log book. Want some more info on that?


So what happens when you're done with the basics and you're ready for the next step?

We're ready too!

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Literally hundreds of windsurfers have improved their windsurfing with us. No matter what your level, we can help you improve.

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Important:  Windsurfing is a weather dependent sport. That means that wind, tide and other weather factors can interfere with activities. We do the best we can to stick to the schedule but we're more concerned with safety than anything else.